FAQ for the Bidet Seat

1.Are Hibbent Bidet Seats better than the bidets that attach under the normal seat?

The bidets that attaches under toilet seats are made for two piece toilets which means the toilet and water tank are separate. The toilet seat bidets can be use for either a one piece or two piece toilets. In my opinion the toilet seat bidets are more flush with the toilet rather then the attachments which goes under the toilet seat. I also believe the seat version looks aesthetically much nicer then the attachment too.

2.Where is the pressure regulator of the Hibbent Bidet Seats?

The pressure regulator is right inside the water inlet of the Hibbent Bidet Seat itself. Just use tweezers or needle nosed pliers to pull it out, you will notice a very big difference in pressure. Please see page #6 in the instructions or read the manual online which tells you how to remove parts to increase pressure if it is too low. It should have come with the product but you can see it using the web address above.

3.Can i detach the back rest off the toilet?

Yes u could. whole thing u could take it off by pressing one button on the right side (dismantle button).But before u do that ,u have to unscrew the hose that attach to the mechanism that installed with the seat & u have shut the water supply which right next to it . It's freaking so simple & easy.

4.I bought this and the pressure is not so good. How do you get a stronger spray?

If you look in the manual you'll see where the hose screws into the seat there is regulator piece with a o ring that should be removed to increase the water flow. I removed it on mine and am happy with the pressure. Find the manual online here in case you lost your copy, scroll down to where it shows you what to do when there's low water pressure

5.Can you supply the pictures showing the actual sprayer? Is it retractable?

From the product page you will see one of the two nozzles and yes, it retracts and is self cleaning. If you search “hibbent bidet” from google or youtube you can also easily find a video showing. However, you can find from our site too.

6.Do I need a plumber to install?

The below answer from the customers:

Muoi: If you know how to turn off water supply to the toilet and understand the instructions paper so you don't need a Plummer.

Mrleok: If your handy you should be able to install it yourself. It really isn't that hard to do especially if you have a large area to work in

Marlon Kelly: No its very easy

Philsonjr:No. I was able to install myself in about 15 minutes.

Marlon Kelly:No its simple

JRH: Not at all. I did it myself in less than 10 minutes. Really easy

7.What is the plumbing hookup size? 1/2, 1/4". Contractor can't find spec online

The "T" connector size with both size, one is for American and Canada market which is: 15/16" (water supply) x 15/16" (toilet tank) x 1/2" (to Bidet) with supplied hose.And another is of other area which size is 1/2" (water supply) x 1/2" (toilet tank) x 1/2" (to Bidet) with supplied hose. So if you have the specified request, please let us know when you place the order.

8.Have a one-piece kholer 'mayfair" toilet . there is a "curved"ceramic connecting toilet tank w/ seat on both sides. will this fit mine?

Please review the page “Will a Bidet Fit my Toilet” and check the size as label. You also can send us a photo and specs or bowl measurements across the middle of the bowl and from the mounting holes to the front of the bowl. We will check and should be able to let you know.

9.Does it come with the hose and t connector?

Everything is included, no additional items to purchase

10.will this work with toilets that save water that have dual flush mechanism? toilets that don't have a handle to flush but have push-ins for #1 & #2?

Yes, this would work in that case because the Bidet taps into the water source before the toilet so this would not be an issue.

Other customer reply:

Zachary:Yes. I have a dual flush toilet it works perfectly.

Jose A: What matters is not the flushing mechanism, but the water connection and the size of the toilet. As long as you can connect the bidet to the water supply with the accessories provided, this bidet should work perfectly fine.

11.Does this seat have an enema


12.What do i need to install to get warm water to the Hibbent bidet seat ?

The bidet is cool water only. It does not have a line for warm water. In Southern California where we like the cool water that would also fill the tank if fine and comfortable. We have three and they are quite satisfactory. However, you can pick a additional small water heater beside the toilet seat if you still want the warmer water.

13.do you have to keep pressure on the handle for the water

Dreamy :No, it turns off at center and goes forward for girls, and to the back for everyone. But the pressure holds where you set it like on your sink. I've had this item for several months and am 100% pleased.

Brian W: No, there are two positions for different force of spray pressure, horizontallyrics forward and back. The default off position is vertical.

14.Does the bidet fits accurately the elongated toilets such as toto or partial rim may be exposed? and is the seat narrower than standard elongated seat

Priscilla: We had a standard elongated seat and it fit perfectly. No overhang and no part of the rim was exposed.

Kandace Y: Shortly , yes. To the second part of your question: the seat visually looks a bit narrower, but is sturdy and has nice rubber bumpers underneath which gives a solid feel. The lid covers the actual seat and closed follows the exact contour of your toilet bowl.

15.Is this a soft close seat? Or will it slam against the toilet when I push it down?

Yes, soft close

16.How is is water fed into bidet? From the toilet tank or directly from water line?

The bidet is fed by pure water from the water supply line. A T-adapter is provided to connect to the water supply line prior to the water feeding into the toilet tank.

17.How do you remove the seat once it is attached?

There is a button on the right side of the seat, you simply push it in and slide the seat forward and It comes off.This makes it very easy to clean the toilet. So far I'm still loving my bidet!

18.Did anyone have any problems with the 3 way valve as far as installing on existing water supply???

Sloan: I am disabled and had a handyman install the bidet. He said it was very easy to install. Every thing is working as it should. I am very happy with the mine.

Andrea Gennari: No problem. Valve is working properly. Off in the middle and back and front cleaning

Muoi: I don't have any problem with that ,I install it so easy take about 10 minutes

Mrleok: I used what they sent me and had NO problems what so ever. Hope that helps

19.I assume it sprays cold water?

Jeff H:Yep...straight from the cold tap. I haven't found it to be a problem. You could spend a lot more money and get a fancy seat that connects to a heated water line. Plumbing expenses are a pain. This one is a super easy install.

James Reilly:The temperature of the water in the tank, usually room temp. In the Phoenix metro area you will have warm to hot water, due to the ambient temp.

Roozbeh Meghdadi: Yes but being in Florida, our water is cool but never cold.

20.Does this work for the Toto toilets? The bolting holes are about 5 1/2" from middle of bolt to middle of bolt.

Yes. We have them on all 3 of our Toto toilets. The bright white also matches perfectly.

21.Are there parts available, ie rubber seals, sprayer, and valve components?

We carry every external spare part for the bidet, including: hoses, washers, rubber gaskets, mounting plates, anchors, screws and nuts, levers, cleansing tips (both) and "T" connectors

22.Does it make a difference if you have a one piece or two piece toilet?

It does not matter if it is a one piece or two piece toilet. However, you need to check your bowl size if they are fitted.

23.Measured from the back of the seat (from the base of the hinge) what is the height?

The width of the bidet seat in the closed position at the REAR, from the top of the rim of the toilet to the top of the bidet is exactly 2 1/2" The front of the bidet (in closed position) from the rim to the top of the bidet is exactly 1 1/4"

24.Why has the price doubled in less than a month? Will the price continue increasing by $10 every week?

We celebrated our product launch with greatly discounted sale prices far below cost. Our regular price is far below every full bidet seat sold on Amazon.

25.Does it have separate nozzles for feminine and rear cleansing? Is the water cold?

Yes, it has spray nozzles for both feminine and rear cleansing that operate independently using a single control lever that also adjusts the spray power. The water is ambient temperature.

Dreamy K:Two nozzles, single handle control.The water is cold, but really just ambient temperature.Honestly, never had an issue with cold water.

Edmond D. Sherrod: No one nozzles, turn forward for rear cleaning and backwards for feminine cleaning. Yes, cold water only.

Sam Jones:Yes it does, witch we think is necessary for female safety, and it only uses cold water but you will get used to it, really recomended you will get your money's worth,

affordable and quality.

Andrea Gennari:yes separate nozzles are present.. water temperature depends from your source input. there is no heating system included.

Samuel Cintron:yes separate nozzles and it uses tap water which is sort of cold but doesn't bother me at all.