Hibbent Bidet Seat - Elongated V Shaped - Self Cleaning Separately(SC206)

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SC206:Elongated V Shaped(Self Cleaning Separately)

  1. Fit Elongated toilet bowl(checking the seat fitting size as the picture before ordering)
  2. Self Cleaning Function with Separate Button
  3. No batteries or Electrical power need, safe using bidet seats
  4. Dual nozzles sprayer design for bidets and rear washing(Separate Working)
  5. Soft close and slience toilet seats
  6. All hoses and accessories part are included


  • American Elongated Style toilet seat with bidets and rear washing function,sleek design
  • Install Size: See the above picture(make sure to check your toilet bowl size following the picture before ordering)
  • connecting to the toilet's water supply line,prohibiting using neutral water, hard water, rain water
  • It is Room temperature for Fresh Water wash(cool-water cleansing), If you need the heating water, you need to buy heating water device separately to connect.
  • Flush lever can be rotated t adjust and control wash
  • Flush volume ca be adjusted, One-key easily disassemble button
  • PP material made(Use food-grade PP5 raw material)
  • Easy installs within 15-30minutes and anyone and install it
  • For all Adults, Children and Seniors. Hygienic & antibacterial toilet bidet seats.

Scope of delivery(including the accessories):
  • Accessories(for steady installation)
  • 3-way T-adapter(G 15/16" for USA and Canada Market and G 1/2 For others)
  • Metal/PVC-hose
  • Bolts & Nuts