Hibbent Non Electric Toilet Bidet Seat - American Round Toilet Seats - No Electricity

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OB108:Round/Standard Style O-Shaped
  1. Fitted for Round/Standard Style O-Shaped Toilet Bowl(cheking the seat fitting size below before ordering)
  2. .Without electricity and safe using bidet seats
  3. Dual nozzles sprayer design for bidets and rear washing(Separate Working)
  4. Soft close and slience toilet seat cover
  5. O-Shaped American round toilet seat cover
  6. Flush volume can be adjusted,Bubble water washing provided

  • American Round Style and O-Shaped toilet seat cover with bidets and rear wash
  • Install Size: See the above picture
  • Range of static water pressure:0.07-0.8MPa
  • Can be sold worldwide for bidet seat, prohibiting using neutral water, hard water, rain water
  • If you need heating water device for warm water using, please buy separately
  • For all Adults, Children and Seniors.

  • Color:White Color
  • non-electric for safety using
  • Self-cleaing nozzle dual nozzles sprayer for bidets and rear washing(Separate Working)
  • Flush lever can be rotated t adjust and control wash
  • Flush volume ca be adjusted
  • Bubble water washing provided
  • One-key easily disassemble button
  • Soft close and slience
  • Upper/down mounted lock
  • PP material made(Use food-grade PP5 raw material)
  • Room temperature for Fresh Water wash
  • Hygienic & antibacterial toilet bidet seats
  • Quick installation and anyone and install it

Scope of delivery(including the accessories):
  • Accessories(for steady installation)
  • 3-way T-adapter(G 15/16" for USA and Canada Market and G 1/2 For others)
  • Metal/PVC-hose
  • Bolts & Nuts