Hibbent Premium One Click Toilet Seat with Cover- Easy Installation and Quick-Release

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Save $10 on Amazon.com, Only $39.99 On Sale, Buy On Amazon.com Click Here


Save $10 on Amazon.com, Only $39.99 On Sale, Buy On Amazon.com Click Here
  • MORE SANITARY & QUICK RELEASE. Click the Button Beside to take off the Toilet Seats and Cover for cleaning, Quick Release and Easy Removable. no tools required.
  • PREVENT SHIFTING. Creative One-piece Hinge Base Design add stability and prevent shifting. The toilet Seats Stay Tight and will not Slip and Slide
  • QUIET-CLOSE (seat & cover) closes slowly and quietly without loud slamming,cracked toilets and pinched fingers. It close slowly and silently by itself.
  • SOLID SEATS AVAILABLE FOR MORE 400 POUND. Made of top quality. 100% pure (not recycled) polypropylene (plastic) which is non-absorbent, chemical and stain-resistant.
  • FITS ALL TOILET BRANDS including Kohler, American Standard, Toto, Crane, Eljer, Caroma, etc. MEASURE YOUR TOILET SIZE Before Order.
  • The Almond/Bone Color Matches Kohler’s ALMOND and American Standard’s BONE. BEFORE YOU ORDER, please try to confirm your toilet’s brand and color name (names and colors vary by manufacturer). Google search “toilet color cross reference” for a complete list of toilet brands, color names and color cross-reference chart. DO NOT try to match the photos here with the color of your toilet (colors appear differently on computer screens).

Please MEASURE YOUR TOILET SIZE to determine if you need ROUND or ELONGATED (above image shows how to measure your toilet). 
Advantage Design: 
1. Creative Hinge Base Design(One Piece Hinge Base): 
♦ EASY INSTALLATION. Put the hinge base on pan above the toilet holes. Screw the bolts. Then put the hige cover in. Finished! 
♦ PREVENT SHIFTING. Two hinges are together in one Mounting base(hinge base). Solid and Stable. Much better than the 2pc separated hinge bases(Round) which most customer complaint it is easy shifting after some days using. 
2. Quick Release Button was designed beside instead of on the middle: 
♦ MORE CONVENIENT. Easy to Operate . Only click the button beside, you can feel free to take off the seats and cover. Don't need to press the button always. 
♦ MORE SANITARY. If the button on the middle, mens or kids urine may reach it and get dirty. So we design the quick-release button beside, it offers improved hygiene as you only need to make minimal contact with the seat when you remove it for cleaning. 
3. The Quick Release Function is much better than the traditional mounting base: 
♦ Simply press the button to remove the toilet seat, you can fully clean around the seat hinges and the nasty area between the seat mounting posts where urine, grime and odor-causing germs collect. and in the case of two-piece toilets you can easily get around the area where the tank meets the bowl. 

√ Easy installation 
√ Quick Release for easy cleaning 
√ Quiet-Close & Soft Closed 
√ Not Slip and Slide for Advantage Design of One Piece Hinge Base 
√ Top Quality Made, Solid Toilet Seats can support more than 400 Pound 
√ Comes complete with all the necessary parts, instructions