Hibbent Toilet Seat with Colorful Night Light - 7 Color Changing LED Toilet Light,Waterproof Bathroom Toilet Bowl NightLight, Slow Close, White

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  1. 7 Color Changing Light Circulation, You also can set from 7 color circularly to one single color. WATERPROOF and WASHABLE.
  2. You can set the light up start time, then light up 6 hours --- Out 18hours ---Every day this cycle until you close it
  3. You can reset the light up start time as you need
  4. You can close the light if you don't need it
  5. Up to 6 months of battery life (uses 4 aaa batteries, not included), estimated on usage and brand of batteries


With our nightlight technology, you can safely locate your toilet in the dark without turning on the light. With nightlight, there is no need to turn on the glaring bathroom light for nighttime tasks. It helps you see your toilet in the dark,and led lighting illuminates the toilet bowl when the lid is lifted.Unique grip-tight bumpers hold the seat firmly in place and prevent shifting. This soft-close seat also features innovative technology that prevents the seat from slamming and simplifies both cleaning and installation.

1.Sleek design toilet seat with light inside, more clean. It is WATERPROOF and WASHABLE
2.it solves all your night time bathroom problems. No more stumbling around in the dark in your bathroom!
3.This night light can be set to one single light, Touch the inductive switch for 2 seconds and then the LED light should flash indicating a confirmation of a desired color. Customize your light and feel the difference.
4.You also can back to 7 color circularly from one single light

Scope of delivery(including the accessories):

Toilet Seat x 1
Accessories Set x 1
Install Manual x 1
Box x 1

Operating Instruction for Lighting Hinge:


1. Start Function:
Touch the inductive switch for 1 second. The light will be lit on for 6 hours, after which it will be out for 18 hours. Such Loop will be proceeded every day. At the first time setting, 7 different colors will cycle alternate and each of them should last 10 seconds. Start Function Light Up 6hours Out 18 hours Every day this cycle until you close it
2.Close Function:
Touch the inductive switch for 6 seconds. The lights will flash for 3 times. Then the function close.
3.How to check if the device is working when the light is out in the 18 hours period?
When touching the inductive switch with your finger, the front and rear Led lights light up at once.Releasing your finger, the LED light is out. It declares the light is working normally.
4.How to reset the light up start time?
If you like to bring forward or put off the light up start time. Please follow the above second point "Close Function" to close the light first, no matter how the light is up or off. And then follow the above first point "Start Function" to start the light up at the time you want.
5.How to set the light from the 7 color circularly to the single color?
While the colorful LED light alternate its colour circularly, touch the inductive switch for 2 seconds and then the LED light should flash indicating a confirmation of a desired color. A change of selected colour entails a restart of LED light.However, if you want to back to the 7 colors circularly, you need to close the function(The second point above) and then restart the function again(follow the first point above).